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The Rise of Plant-Based Diets in Thailand: A Concise Analysis

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As people become more aware about their health, they also become more aware of what they eat. That is why people opt for different ways of eating, and therefore, many people in Thailand have begun to consider plant-based diets as the perfect solution for their nutrition.

We have seen this reality at Govinda, and today, we are going to share our concise analysis about this important situation.

Thai People Want to Live Healthier

Our modern times are full of movement, and more often than not, it can damage our decisions in key aspects of our life. It is not all about making money, it is also about taking care of yourself.

That is why more Thai people have become aware of this issue, and hence, they are trying to lead healthier lives. To put things into context:

  • More than 70% of Thai consumers want to exercise more
  • Almost 80% of Thai consumers aspire to create a better work-life balance
  • Nearly 80% of Thai consumers plan to have a healthier diet

Exercise, nutrition, rest and leisure come into play together to create the result that many Thai people aspire to obtain in 2020.

We all need to relax, release stress and get rid of anxiety, and therefore, these four pillars are essential. Nonetheless, we are going to talk about only one in concrete, your nutrition.

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Nutrition Plays a Big Role

Now you can see what is fueling the rise of plant-based diets in Thailand, because it all emerges from a burning desire to lead a healthier life.

You are what you eat, and sadly, the standard diet that most people follow is full of nutritional deficiencies, toxins, contaminants, and in most senses, it is completely inadequate.

We are filling our bodies with foods that damage us, and hence, affect our performance and mood.

That is why many people are turning vegan, or at least, opting for a heavily plant-based diet, because it helps you to accomplish a key goal, to depurate your diet from toxins, contaminants and other noxious elements that will affect your health negatively.

Furthermore, it allows you to feed your body with the nutrients and mineral it needs to thrive. Therefore, it accomplishes two goals that are key to use nutrition in your benefit.

Vegetables and fruits are full of such nutrients, and therefore, more than 90% of Thais plan to integrate them in their diets.

As you can see, the burning desire for change exists, and now that you understand the role that nutrition plays, along with the reasons why a plant-based diet helps, it is time to explore a little problem.

A Little Problem – Easy to Solve

The only thing you need to remember when doing a plant-based diet is to plan it properly, and to identify the restaurants that follow the same lifestyle as you.

It is not about a new fad diet, it is a lifestyle. Therefore, you need to make it an integral part of your life. Take your time to explore what foods you like the most and what effects they have on you.

Ensure to have a list of restaurants like Govinda, where you can enjoy a tasty vegan dish whenever you wish, especially when you are on the rush. You can always book a table with us, to find the best Jain and vegan food in Bangkok!

All in all, embrace the change and make things easier for you. You will see that it will lead you to better decisions, and of course, to experiment the real benefits of a plant-based diet.


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